Financial, Emotional, and Regulatory assistance to veterans and their families.

Why Support Our Oganization

Our partners become part of what began 15 years ago.  We are champion our community and provide much needed support to those Veterans who otherwise cannot help themselves.  

Your donations help to empower the next generation as well.  We also invest in the children and grandchildren of Veterans.  As a Sponsor with Veterans Alliance Clearwater, you now become part of this overarching mission.  We also make it a point to highlight our sponsors as well, since much of this wouldn’t be possible without them.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King

01. How We Help Our Community

The funds that we have received over the years have accomplished the following.

  • Scholarship Fund to help students with school expenses
  • Emergency funding for Veterans in crisis
  • Help children and grandchildren of Veterans
  • Medical and Therapy services.  We come in to help where insurance stops

02. Emergency Funding

When emergencies come up?  When help is needed? When a Veteran needs a place to turn to?  We are here and we answer the call.

  • We provide emergency funding to help those Veterans in crisis.  We provide a check of at least $500.00 to help them get back on their feet.

03. Medical And Therapy Funding

  • Some emergencies require more than money.  Sometimes a Veterans needs a little bit more help.  Veterans Alliance of Clearwater understand this and are ready and able when that time comes.   We provide Medical and Therapy funding to help offset care needed.  These are services that are outside the services given from the Veterans Administration. 

04. Scholarship Funding

Knowledge is power.  However, the ability to get that knowledge often times are out of reach for some.  Veterans Alliance of Clearwater is a champion for education, we believe it should be in the reach of everyone.

  • We provide scholarship funding directly to children, grandchildren, and spouses of Veteran Service Members.

05. Compassion is our calling

At the crux of all of this is compassion.  There comes a time in all of our lives when we need someone to be there.  Veterans Alliance is there when you need us the most, when you’re in your darkest day.

  • We provide spiritual services for grieving family or Veterans.
  • We also provide a safe place for those with PTSD to talk and seek resources in order to thrive with their daily lives. 

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